Cahokia Storage Center Values Customer Feedback

... And We're Willing To Pay For It!

Are you a current Cahokia Storage Center customer? If so, do you have any positive feedback to share online? If you answered yes, kindly leave your feedback on either Google Reviews or Yahoo Local Reviews and save $15 off next months storage. Cahokia Storage Center will verify your online review and comments and issue your discount immediately. It's fast, it's easy, and best of all, it's free! View customer testimonials.

How can you participate?

Participation is easy! If you have a personal Google account* or a personal Yahoo account *, you can simply log into either one of your accounts by clicking the links below. You can choose to write a review on either Google or Yahoo, or both. The links below will route you in the correct destination. Once you get there, start posting.

* Google and Yahoo accounts are free and easy to create.

The review must be accurately assessed, fair, and truthful.

We are looking for honest feedback regarding Cahokia Storage Center as it relates to any and all services we are currently providing to you as a client. Perhaps you could comment about why you decided to choose Cahokia Storage Center to begin with. Why did you choose us?

Post a comment about ANY of the following as it relates to Cahokia Storage Center:

Review Cahokia Storage Center on Google
Review Cahokia Storage Center on Yahoo
  • Pricing (Is our pricing fair?)
  • Rental Unit Size Accommodations (Did we offer the size you needed?)
  • Cleanliness (Is your space clean?)
  • Secure (How do you feel about the security level at our location?)
  • Accessibility/Location (Is it easy to get to?)
  • Ease of Access (Is it easy to get in and out of your property?)

Upon Completion Of Your Review ...

Redeeming your storage rental discount is easy. Simply call, email, or walk in to our storage facility front office and mention the review you posted online.  Once Cahokia Storage Center has validated the review, the discount will be applied.  You can print it out and mail it in, or you can bring it in person.

That's it! It is easy to do, and it earns you some additional money next month!